Four presentations at the ISB conference

Two weeks ago, PhD student Willi Koller, PhD student Martin Gröber and Ass-Prof Hans Kainz presented their latest research at the XXVIII Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics (

The presentation from Willi Koller and Hans Kainz were recorded and are freely available on the youtube channel of the Neuromechanics Research Group

The following research papers from our department were presented at the ISB conference:

Impact of femur length scaling errors on estimate muscle and joint contact forces at all joints

Willi Koller, Arnold Baca, Hans Kainz


Impact of personalized geometry and motor control on musculoskeletal simulation results – How much detail is needed?

Hans Kainz, Mariska Wesseling, Ilse Jonkers


Variability of muscle synergies across skateboarding tricks with different levels of complexity

Lorenz Zweier, Florentina De Comtes, Lorenzo Pitto, Hans Kainz

The effect of stretch–shortening magnitude and muscle–tendon unit length on performance enhancement in a stretch–shortening cycle

Martin Groeber, Savvas Stafilidis, Arnold Baca